Around Latin America on a Motorcycle

A year ago, he was lost in the everyday working life, spending his free time with his friends, family and on his motorbike. Then it all changed from one second to another.

Meet Eli Soto, an exceptional traveler, motorcycle lover, photographer, videographer and vlogger.

"I was filming a motorcycle event on my bike when out of nowhere, a truck appeared on the curve and pushed me out of the road. The next moment I was lying on the ground. Everything was dark and I couldn't feel my body. I knew I had an accident, but I realized only later that I was dead for a few minutes. It took me two months to recover and all I could think of were my past mistakes and way of living. I knew I got a second chance to live life to the fullest. 6 months after my accident, I left for a long trip on my motorbike. I crossed all Central America and Antigua is my last stop before going back to Mexico. I learnt so many things about myself and I am grateful for each moment, good and bad that I experienced on the road. I rode up to a volcano on my bike, cooked marshmellows over a lava flow, slept in the jungle in Panama, became a firefighter for a day in Costa Rica... There I broke a finger and didn't realize until I got to Mexico! I was detained and interrogated for 6 hours at the border by the Nicaraguan police because they couldn't understand how it's possible that I travel almost without any money. And since I'm Mexican, they thought I must trade drugs. I also met many amazing people who helped me a lot. I realized last minute that it's not really possible to cross the Panama-Colombia border by land and that I can ship my bike for $800 to Colombia. Before even considering this, I ran out of money and worked as a nanny, then I sold my photos in the street to be able to go back to Mexico. Now I can't wait to be with my family again, but I'll also start planning my next trip as soon as I get back."

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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