Finding Love in Guatemala

Pauline used to be a restless traveler: alone, with her sister, working, volunteering, hitchhiking through continents. What's her story, why did she suddenly decide to stay in Guatemala for good?

"I had been travelling in the world for several years and I arrived to Antigua Guatemala 6 months ago to spend 2 weeks volunteering at a hostel. I was supposed to continue my Central American trip after but I fell in love. I fell in love with the owner of the hostel and I fell in love with Antigua. This was the first time I felt like this is a place where I can live. It has a perfect balance between the number of expats and locals, cultural life and it also reminds me of Europe. It definitely has some magic: many foreigners visit the town for just a day or two and then it becomes a month, a year, a life..."

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala


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