God's Gift: The Talent for Maquettes

I met him running up and down the hill every afternoon. He had a huge smile on his face and kept encouraging me to surpass my limits. One day while cooling down, we started talking and he told me about his running races and artisanal work.

Luis Enrique is a simple man with strong beliefs, a huge heart, and even bigger talent. He finds motivation for everything and, well, can build a whole bus by pure inspiration.

Here is how it all started:

"My parents had an accident when I was 15 so I had to start working at an early age. I had many different jobs from gas stations to hotels. Then a few years ago I got unemployed. I couldn't get a new job anywhere. I found three small wheels at home and started to build a Greyhound bus with it. I don't even know how I did it.

One day, a man saw me with the model at the park and asked how much it costs. I didn't plan to sell it, I said. It was just a passtime. Then another man saw my bus and was really impressed as well. He said he had many friends in the capital who might be interested. I didn't believe he would help because people here often talk and promise things but it's not followed by actions. I was surprised to see that he came back and helped me a lot indeed. It's been two years that I've been modelling and making ends meet with this activity and now I want to start modelling parks and buildings. God showed me the way and gave me the talent to learn all this by myself. And he gave me many people who like my work. I am lucky."

You can check more of Luis Enrique's work here :


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