How Food Prevented a Singer Career

Amanda was singing all day, every day. She was listening to old and new songs from Colombia and Mexico, and seemed to know the lyrics of every song by heart. She was happy, loud, funny. And she shared many stories from the era when she was young.

"I have had 3 big dreams my whole life. One is to build a house: I did it a few years ago. Another one is to learn to drive a car: it's in progress. And the third dream: to become a singer, which was dashed when I was 14. I always loved singing and I was pretty good at it so I applied for a talent competition. While waiting to be picked up right before the competition, I was having lunch, eating yuca. All of a sudden, I started to choke so bad I thought I would die! I was taken to the hospital. I didn't have any voice for two days. And this is how I gave up singing, my dream for a long time. But honestly, I can live without singing... But the yuca, it's still my favorite food, I wouldn't give it up for the world!"

Manizales, Colombia


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