Humble and Helpful

Beginning of June. A natural disaster occurred in Guatemala, Fuego volcano had a sudden and violent eruption. Thousands of Guatemalans lost their loved ones, their homes and needed immediate help. The whole nation started to organize and volunteers from all over the country came to help.

Evelyn was also there. She was donating her time, clothes, helping wherever she could, making volunteering her absolute priority. But I realized only a few months later that it wasn't just for the volcano eruption. This is how she lived her life, according to these principles that are, for her, completely natural and unnoticed.

"They say Guatemalans are the people that help each other the most even if they don't have the resources to do so. I saw this culture from my family. We used to have a lady to help us iron our clothes for many years. Her son got involved in some shady business but she always helped him. One day, he got convicted for 50 years. She came ashamed to tell my mum about the situation and expected to be fired. Of course we didn't, she's like family. This lady needed money for his son so she started to sell their valuables. Last came the TV. When my mother heard this, what did she do? She just took one of our TVs and told her to go connect it in her house."

"I always saw how much my mother helps everyone so it was natural for me to do so too. A few years ago a young colleague got cancer. I made collections at the company with all the things people wanted to offer and every Sunday I brought it to her. I visited her as much as I could. I brushed her hair that she started to loose very aggressively. After each combing, I took out the hair behind her back and hid it. It was extremely hard not to cry but I had to be strong for her. Eventually she couldn't fight the cancer anymore. Shortly after her death, another coworker got cancer too. I did the same for her."


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