Problems with Mother and Husband

Doña Flor is known as everybody's mother. She looks after all the colleagues, their families and even friends - even if nobody asked her, she is there to help.

Her name couldn't be a better fit: Flor, or Flower in English, might represent the good vibes she brings with her anywhere she goes.

But Doña Flor had an adventurous life one wouldn't imagine when he sees her kind smile.

"My mother used to have a tough personality, we never got on well with each other. So when I met my husband at the age of 14, I escaped with him almost right away. It was his idea. We went to Mexico City and both started to work. Soon, we had kids and decided to come back to our hometown. My husband was working a lot and I never knew where he was. He had always been very popular among women. God knows why because he wasn't handsome. But he knew how to talk. I'm not sure if I let him treat me like that because I was so in love or because I just got used to the situation, used to him. This went on for many years. He died 15 years ago and now I live with my mother again. She still has a tough personality but I learnt not to listen to her. And she has a TV, that also helps a lot."

Tapachula, Mexico


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