The Key for a Perfect Family

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

I met Eber when I was hitchhiking on the Oaxacan coast. I never get into trucks but after exchanging a few words, I already felt I could trust him. We shared a ride during almost 10 hours and he broke all the strereotypes of a truck driver, and became a strong example of a man, husband and father.

"I met my first wife when I was 17 and we got married one year later. We had our first child right after. We stayed together for 17 years but I couldn't stand her anymore. She was extremely jealous. She didn't let me do my job. After 10 years in the military, I started working as a truck driver and she always asked me with whom I was. Where I was. She said she knew I cheated on her, but I never did. I just wanted to work decently, go home and be with my family but she created a monster. So we decided to get a divorce. One day when I was working, I stopped by a restaurant on the road for lunch. There was this young waitress who served me, smiled at me, she talked to me nice and I saw something in her eyes. I invited her for a breakfast for the following morning. When we met again, I told her I really liked her, and the way she treated me. But she was worried what the people would think if she was with me. She was 17 back then and I was 36. But I wanted to marry her. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I told her, "just let me provide you a nice life, let me love you!" I asked her parents' blessing but they said I am too old for her, truck drivers are impossible to trust, and since I was in the military before: soldiers are even worse. But I kept going to her restaurant, even if sometimes we didn't talk. I just wanted to be around her. After a year, her parents still didn't like me... but gave their permission. We got married. Before her getting pregnant, she would accompany me in the truck every other week. We spent our honeymoon on the road too. We talked all day, ate well, slept here in the truck. It was beautiful."

"The home is a sacred place for me. It's a place of love and blessing. When I enter, I take off my other life, problems and worries. When I come home after a long day at work, my grandchildren run up to me bringing my sandals. My wife waits for me at the door. This is the time of my life. We never argue with my family. People ask me, "How do you do that?" The answer is easy: communication. We talk every day on the phone to know how the other feels, what she needs, what happened during the day. I know what my wife doesn't like, she knows what I don't like and we simply avoid doing these things. And I just want her to be happy. I had a house built for us and I asked her, "Where do you want to live?" "There", she said. All right, then we will build the house there. "How do you want the house to be built?" Okay, then we will build it like that."

"We had three beautiful kids, a big house, my wife never had to work again and I have always treated her well. Despite all this, her parents never really liked me. Twelve years after we got married, we had a big family reunion. I took the day off, took care of everything from the food to the decoration for 80 people. That day, her father came up to me and said, "Pardon me. Pardon me, because I thought you weren't a good man for my daughter. Now I know you are nothing like a womanizer, you are a good husband and a great father."

These words meant the world for me."

Oaxaca, Mexico


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