They Call Them Genious

The family has a strong positive vibe. They are relaxed, optimistic and without having left Colombia, they know more about world than a backpacker who's been to 50+ countries. The boys keep asking questions, they are curious about everything and they know something about everything.

The parents completed the boys' education every afternoon after school, they let them space and freedom to try and learn whatever they were interested in. They also taught them to fight for what they want, and even if they fail, not to give up.

Meet Michael and Brihan.

"When starting primary school, I automatically skipped the first two grades because I could already read, write and do basic calculations. From an early age, my father has always spent long hours helping with our education. My brother and I arrived home after school and he would put on a historical movie and ask us what we thought about it. He would take us for a walk in the woods and talk about the nature. He introduced us to many different religions and we were free to choose the one we liked the most. He taught us critical thinking. We did sports and played instruments. At the age of 16, I was already a graphic designer and I enrolled in college the same year. Now I'm 22, I recently graduated and I work at the family IT business we started a few years ago. People used to call me a genious but I never felt like that. For me it was normal. I'm not sure whether I want to have kids but if I do, I will try to be like my dad."

Brihan, the younger brother also has a special path of life:

"My dad has always taught me and my brother after school in a creative and entertaining way. He taught us critical thinking, to be curious and to work hard for our goals. I don't come from a rich family so I have always worked in something: I used to make stickers with my brother to sell them at fairs, I sold fried plantains with my grandma in the streets... And when I wanted to have a drum set, my dad told me to work for it. So what to do? I started to make chocolate at home and sell it at school. I made chocolate with nuts, strawberry, banana... My classmates loved them. It took me a few years but I managed to save up enough money to buy it. Then I joined several bands and with one of them, we got pretty famous in Colombia. This is how it happened that at the age of 16, I found myself going on a tour with them! Unfortunately, the band didn't last long. Now I'm 20, I study at a local university and work at the family company. I've never had a "traditional" job and I can't even imagine myself having one, ever."

Manizales, Colombia


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