Village to Surf Paradise

I was making notes by the beach when a local man walked up to me asking what I was doing. So I told him about Narrativista, and he was more than happy to tell me about how in only 50 years, Puerto Escondido and the local people's lives changed in every aspect.

He invited me for a cold coconut from his garden and we were sharing stories till the sunset.

"You can see a city, a surf paradise now but when I was a kid, there were only a few houses here. We used to go to the center with my grandfather with donkeys to bring wood. There were no roads, the nearest village was 3 days away. I went to school on and off for a few months but even the teachers didn't come frequently. I barely learnt how to read and write, I can only sign my name. Instead of going to school, I preferred to work in the field. Then in the 80's, the first tourists came in search of the big waves. The sharks started to disappear, more and more houses appeared and roads were built. I worked hard for many years and I bought this land by the beach 13 years ago. I built a big house which I turned into a hotel. Many foreigners have come recently, wanting to buy this place. But I wouldn't sell it for anything. I have my coconut trees here, I put the coconuts in the fridge, I come down on a hot afternoon and I drink them cold. Whenever I feel like, I come sit under the palms to watch the sunset.

I talk to the guests, we have party together. Last time for example, I had some Norwegians over for my granddaughter's communion and we had so much fun. I could also buy a land for almost each of my 8 children and the youngest will have this house if she looks after me when I'm older. I can't complain, I have everything."

Puerto Escondido, Mexico


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