Working Hard to Break Into the Fashion Industry

Everybody knows Keyslor in the town. Always with a huge smile and great style, he talks to everyone, serves your coffee or cocktail with love while sharing his passions, dreams and struggles. He seems tireless but as all of us, Keyslor also has his moments when he gets tired of fighting so hard for his dreams.

But each and every time, he gets back on his feet. Because he wants to be, and will be a fashion designer.

"It has always been my dream to work in the fashion industry: I started making dresses for Barbies when I was a kid. But this is very hard in Nicaragua because if you dare to wear different clothes than the mainstream, everybody stares at you like crazy. I was always the weird kid. So when after my graduation, my aunt told me to come and work at her coffeeshop in Guatemala, I didn't hesitate. It's been 5 years that I work almost non-stop in cafés and bars. At the same time, I go to a tailoring school and need to do my homework whenever I have a bit of free time. I always try to look happy but I have breakdowns from time to time. I have seen my family once in the past 4 years. But you know, you just need to keep that ultimate goal in front of your eyes and work hard for it till you reach it. I will open a fashion bar-coffeeshop where I'll have my three loves combined: coffee, cocktails and designer clothing."

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala


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