Humble is a non-profit movie on South American countries that suffer from stereotypes. It will focus only on the positive side: the beauty in everyday life, indigenous communities, generosity and love, spiced up with fascinating landscapes and events.



One year ago, I started Narrativista, a blog where I share the life stories of local people in Latin America. 
Why? I wanted to show the human side of the continent that almost nobody talks about. I wanted to show how somebody in Colombia can have a completely different life from another person in Hungary. Or how somebody in Mexico can have the exact same challenges as people in the USA, Russia or Chile.


Why am I making this movie?

Many South American countries suffer from stereotypes and tourists are afraid to visit them. Drugs, kidnapping, robberies: that’s what we can constantly hear on the news.

But what about the strong culture and traditions? The festivals? The indigenous communities? The amazing food, the diversity of landscapes and the handicrafts? All the people who are rich in their hearts but live a very humble life?

I recently started a five-month-long trip and decided to dedicate my time and energy to show all these aspects of the continent, focusing on only the positive side. Because of the negative side, we already have enough, right?

The countries that will be presented: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brasil and if possible, Venezuela.


You can read more on the project and how you can support it on its GoFundMe page here:





Thank you for reading through and I appreciate any support you can lend for this movie to !